TheatreZone is now
Apollinaire Theatre Company

In 1995 we created a new company and named it TheatreZone, for the location where we produced our plays: the intersection of the Theatre District and the Combat Zone. Soon after, we began searching Chelsea for a place to create a new performing arts center, and in 1999 we purchased our historic building in Chelsea Square.

After four years of fundraising and renovations, we began our first season at the Chelsea Theatre Works. Yet the prohibitive costs of bringing a 100-year-old building up to code, and making it fully accessible, kept us under constant threat of closure. Now that our elevator is installed, we are celebrating the success and survival of our permanent home. We are changing our name, from one that represents our past to one that inspires our future- Apollinaire Theatre Company.

Poet Guillaume Apollinaire was one of the leaders of an explosion of artistic activity in the early 20th century which resulted in the modern art movement in painting, dance, music, sculpture, and theatre. Apollinaire coined the term Surrealism, which he applied to his only play Les Mamelles de Tiresias. The revolutionary artistic energy of Apollinaire and his contemporaries -Cocteau, Jarry, Picasso, Chagall, to name a few- and their risky, wildly creative, and collaborative theatre works serve as both an inspiration and challenge as we reenvision ourselves as Apollinaire Theatre Company.


Apollinaire Theatre Company
Chelsea Theatre Works, 189 Winnisimmet Street, Chelsea, MA 02150
617-887-2336 •
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