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Properties and Costumes Rental Policy and Fees

1. Appointments: The $50 rental minimum includes a half hour prop/costume selection meeting with an Apollinaire staff member and a return appointment. Additional time spent with a staff member will be billed in hourly increments at $25/hour.

To make an appointment, please email atc@apollinairetheatre.com or call 617-887-2336.

2. Pick-Up/Return:  The renter is responsible for supplying appropriate containers for transporting props to insure that items are properly protected.  The renter is responsible for supplying the necessary crew to pickup and return rented items.

3. Deposit: A $200 damage deposit check is due at the time of pick-up. Please make checks out to: Apollinaire Theatre Company. The deposit will be held until all items are returned and their condition assessed by an Apollinaire staff member. Damage, loss, alteration or failure to return items will result in full or partial forfeiture of the deposit based on the cost of repair or replacement. If the repair or replacement of damaged or lost items exceeds the deposit amount, additional deposit fees will be charged.

4. Care/Alterations: No painting, re-upholstery or alterations may be made without the written permission of Apollinaire Theatre Company. Items must be returned in their original condition. All dishware must be washed before being returned. Costumes must be laundered before being returned.

5. Reciprocal Relationships: We will consider fee free reciprocal relationships with groups who have a similar volume of stock to loan.

Rental Fees: In order to defray the costs of acquisition and storage, and staff time for pick up and returns, our minimum fee is $50.

Fees are charged based on a production rental, maximum 6 weeks. Additional weeks or late returns will be billed at 20% of rental total per week.


Small props: $5.00

(email for pricing on sets or multiple small props)

All other items: $10.00-$50.00
(Furniture/Period/Unique items/Doors/Windows/Appliances/Platforms/Flats/Blocks)

Costume pieces: $5.00

Period/Formal/Uniform/Specialty Costumes: $12.00

Apollinaire Theatre Company • Chelsea Theatre Works, 189 Winnisimmet Street, Chelsea, MA 02150 • 617-887-2336 • atc@apollinairetheatre.com